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The Tārā Project

2014 February 1

Pieces of Me Ayra Tara by Artist R.L. Gibson!…om


I am not Buddhist but have a love of the idea of the Buddhist princess Tara.  Within Tibetan Buddhism, Tārā is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action.  Tara has 21 primary emanations, each of which performs different activities such as giving, diligence, the difficult, peace, patience and so forth.

Legend has it that she was urged to try to be reborn as a male, but she rejected that notion opting to pursue complete enlightenment as a woman.  And if you read the Praise of 21 Taras, you’ll understand how she became the inspiration for this little known work Pieces of Me: Ayra Tara (2007).  Aesthetically, this piece was a failure for me.  But, I never re-edited this piece because I came to realize that I didn’t make it to show.   It was and is personal.

A dual reminder that we are equipped to conquer all…
but all in due time.

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