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RESULTS: Thankful

2015 November 25

The work of Artist R.L. Gibson is to appear in the Lunch Ticket Journal!… a wonderful way to start
the “Thankful” holidays!

“Dear R.L. Gibson,  It is with great pleasure and excitement that I welcome you into the Lunch Ticket Literary Family. We receive a number of strong submissions each viewing period and choose the works we feel strongly represent Lunch Ticket’s Mission, while showcasing great talent and skill. We are so very excited to reproduce your collection, ‘Do I Know You?‘ — A Xerography Series.”

Thanks for the love, Lunch Ticket –a literary & art journal from the MFA community at Antioch University Los Angeles. I am looking forward to seeing my work among these pages.  As an English major with a concentration in Composition, this artist is particularly pleased to be included.  Be sure to check out their current issue.

3…2…1… Three acceptance letters spanning two bodies of work in one week puts such a smile on my face.  Thanks again.

Happy Holidays!

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Want & Will: The Birth of Discovery

2015 November 11
"Discovery" by Artist R.L. Gibson

“Discovery” (digital & hand-drawn illustration) by Artist R.L. Gibson

All discovery of any sort requires a first step.  Those first steps are rarely technological.  Often, they are instead, steps of want and will and determination.

The average inhabitant of this planet is fascinated by space discovery and lunar exploration but feels ill-equipped to contribute.  That disconnect can be remedied by the reminder that discovery and exploration begin with curiosity… the same curiosity a child might have in whether or not one can touch the moon.  “Discovery” combines digital illustration with hand-drawn patterns–a blending of the technical with the rudimentary.

This was a themed project,
Click Here for add’l illustrations!


Snow Plant.

2015 November 5

"Sarcodes sanguinea" by Artist R.L. Gibson

Sarcodes sanguinea, which translates roughly to “the bloody flesh-like thing”, is a fleshy saprophytic plant in the heath family, native to western North America, having a scaly reddish stalk and scarlet flowers and typically emerging early in the spring –often at the end of the snow melt.

Learn more about the
Wildflowers of Yosemite Nat’l Park!

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2015 November 5

A needed distraction…

I’ve been knee-deep in an illustration that has my head swimming.  I REALLY needed a diversion when I tripped across this Call for the 46 Million Turkeys project… a perfect distraction. (continues below)

"1/46" for the 46 Million Turkeys project!

The 46 Million Turkeys project is a free, all-hung exhibit & ongoing project of the Fireseed Arts Gallery.  Shipping only costs a stamp since the dimensions are limited to 2″ x 2″.

Here’s my 1 of 46 Million, “1/46″…

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ART OPP: Yosemite

2015 November 3
Snow Plant image from

Snow Plant image from

Have you ever been to Yosemite? 

Or, do you have work that was inspired by Yosemite?  Then check out this call for Yosemite Renaissance 31.  It is an open media Call for Entries for work inspired by its namesake.

If you’ve never been to Yosemite, but are motivated to enter anyway, good news… There are MANY public domain images of Yosemite available for inspiration, including the NPS Archives.  Please note, I am NOT encouraging you to use someone’s work that has NOT been released to public domain for your images.  Respect copyrights folks, please.

I am working on a piece featuring a snow plant, a common flower spike found in the area that often blooms through the snow just before the Spring melt.  Gorgeous, but complicated, not unlike the area.

Stay tuned to see the final image!


The Burning Bush.

2015 November 2
The Burning Bush by Artist R.L. Gibson

The Burning Bush by Artist R.L. Gibson (click for larger image)

Currently a part of The Haggus Society’s Super Sheroes exhibit:

In Remembrance.

2015 November 2

Día de Muertos: In Remembrance by Artist R.L. Gibson

DESIGNS: The Dark Slide

2015 October 27

Progress continues…

Thanks to Zumiez (Sevierville) & Headquarters Skateshop (Knoxville), I have decks for The Dark Slide project sponsored by the Dubuque Area Arts Collective. They are in the midst of being sanded, primed & gesso’d. But, in the meantime, I finished the initial designs, left to right — London Calling, México Floración & Miami Reclining. (continues below)

Designs by Artist R.L. Gibson for The Dark Slide exhibit in Dubuque, Iowa!

These designs are meant to be a study in iconography and how it connects us to times & places entirely personal.  The London Eye, an umbrella and bowler hat, sugar skulls, flowers & mattress ticking, Deco-era waves, a bikini & seaweed.

Safe, but personal –the psychology of iconography.

BEFORE: The Dark Slide

2015 October 5

How excited am I?

My decks have arrived.  Special thanks goes out to Zumiez (Sevierville, TN) & Headquarters Skateshop (Knoxville, TN) for hooking me up with decks for my new project for The Dark Slide sponsored by the Dubuque Area Arts Collective. (continues below)

Skate Decks for The Dark Slide project by Artist R.L. Gibson sponsored by Dubuque Area Arts Collective!

The next step is to get them sanded, primed & gesso’d for illustration transfers.  I kind of hate to sand them down because they already look pretty rad even in their current state.  But, I just gotta.  In addition to being a great art project for me, it is also a benefit for a new skatepark in Dubuque, Iowa.

Stay tuned for updates on
The Dark Slide project!


Site Consults.

2015 September 30

Learn more about getting a Website Consultation from RL Gibson from the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville! How do YOU look?

I am thrilled to be back for another round of Professional Development Seminars over the next few months at The Emporium Center on behalf of the Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville (KAA).  As a regular juror and artist consultant, I see A LOT of artists’ websites.  Most of them are adequate, but only about 10% of them truly represent artists the way they want to be perceived by jurors, gallerists & buyers.  It is my hope that some of you will take advantage of “Website Consultations for Individual Artists” on November 18, 2015.  Here’s what KAA has to say about it…

“The Arts & Culture Alliance is pleased to present a professional development opportunity for artists and other creative people at the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville.  How is your website doing?  Consider this the artist’s version of a parent/teacher conference and get helpful feedback and suggestions for improving your website. Book a consultation and review with R.L. Gibson, artist & Editor of, a quirky, art-themed site offering FREE resources to artists.  She will analyze your website in advance, compile a written analysis and then meet with you individually at a scheduled time on November 18, 2015.

Fees are on a sliding scale: $25 (15-minutes), $45 (30 minutes) & $85 (60 minutes*). The length of time scheduled will determine the length & detail of the written report and depth of detail in the suggested improvements. *Full hour consultations may offer the opportunity to make on-the-spot changes.  Written reports are only available if your spot is reserved by November 9th.  To reserve your spot today or for more information, please contact Suzanne at 865-523-7543 or”

Please visit the
Arts & Culture Alliance site
for add’l information!