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Heart Breaker.

2014 September 24
Heart Breaker, 11"x14" Xerography on Canvas by Artist R.L. Gibson

Heart Breaker, 11″x14″ Xerography on Canvas by Artist R.L. Gibson — a part of the “Do I Know You?” series

in season

I’ve been busy testing a change in process–the addition of color and paint.  I am closing in on a new direction for the next series of work that I’m calling “Better than Figs” at the moment.

The new series
examines what it means
to really live.


The series title, Better than Figs, is from Shakespeare’s Anthony & Cleopatra:“O excellent! I love long life better than figs.”  Before diving headfirst into production, I sat down to edit the “Do I Know You?” exhibit.  It seems that Heart Breaker (pictured left) might be the best way to say goodbye to #DIKY.  Is it okay to mourn the loss of mourning?  No longer mourning puts closure or finality to the loss of my father.  I have guilt about that.  My mourning for the loss of the personality I knew as my grandmother has become acceptance.  I am grateful to at least have my memories of who she was–even if her memories don’t include me anymore.  I finally learned to just “Smile.  Because everyone dies.”

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the #DIKY opening in July,
you can see the series by visiting the Do I Know You? page.

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2014 July 27

Pass the Bottle by Artist R.L. GibsonWhere is EVERYTHING?

I’ve been giving lots of thought to inventory lately.  I am experimenting with changes in my media; more specifically, I am incorporating paint into what has been a solely xerography output from me for many, many years.  And, as my production increases, I find myself with the challenge of keeping track of all of it.  They are kind of my babies, and I want to know where they are going before I send them out into the world.

There are so many art inventory software systems from which to choose.  A few of them seem to have all the same flaws–they track work for shows but aren’t set up for artists that deal primarily with galleries OR they track shows/fairs and NOT galleries.

So I am curious, are any of you out there dealing with inventory issues?  Do you have room, in-studio, to store all of you work prior to shipping it to galleries?  And, once you ship, how are you tracking the work?  Do you have recommendations?  Have any of you tried eArtist, Art Tracker or GYST?  What about cloud-based Artwork Archive?

I would like to hear your thoughts.
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2014 July 14


I told you about my paper indulgences–art books.  I received a book in the mail that is, well, sort of priceless.  It is kind of a color by numbers without the numbers or paint kits. Abstracts in Acrylics [With Tracings] By Dani Humberstone ( 2011 ).  It comes with tracings of the artist/author’s abstract work along with step by step instructions on how to recreate her work.  This is a perfect example of my magpie ways.  I am attracted to the colorful and shiny and vibrant.  And, I don’t always pay attention to the details.  In this case, I fell in love with the color in the sample pages and had no idea what I was getting.  This will be a FANTASTIC way to to ease myself out of a future art rut.  Fun.  I have a funny feeling about this one.

Find a happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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PAINTING: Abstraction

2014 July 13

Inspiration for Artist R.L. Gibson!the why & the what

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries that all say something a little like: “Why add paint?” to xerography.  Why now? What is that going to look like?

It is an evolution.  I’ve been working in black & white for SO LONG.  I love it.  I do.  I’ve always considered my work sort light-handed Pop Art, often with a dollop of Surrealism from my own photography.  But, when I appropriated family portraiture for the #DIKY series, it all began to unravel.  I have thousands of family photographs.  My family was prolific, but bizarrely enough, a lot of them don’t feel personal.  Honestly, they feel like my family posed as studies for the lifestyle advertising mock ups of the 1930s through the 1970s.  They are real people living glamorous lives without the benefit of money or extraordinary wealth.

They are just people truly LIVING.
They make me happy…


Loads of saturated color will help me share a portrait of what life can be if you are paying attention.  Color will help me express what it feels like TO LIVE.  So in the meantime, I study color theory & the techniques of abstract expressionists.  Today’s happy place–LIVING.

Find your happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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PAPER indulgences…

2014 July 12

to the books

As I prepare for my upcoming journey of adding color to my work–possibly on a semi-permanent basis, I have become excited by delving into color theory once again.  My eyes know the theory, but my brain has taken all for granted. So, I am allowing myself the ultimate indulgence of someone living a purposefully pared-down existence…art books–yum!

Deciding what NOT to purchase and/or borrow has been the hardest part. I’ll keep you updated on the books I love!  Today’s choice Confident Color: An Artist’s Guide To Harmony, Contrast And Unity by Nita Leland.  Today’s recovered art-i-fact from Confident Color: “Once in a while, you may want to go a little darker in value without overpowering that light feeling. [sic] Burnt Sienna turns any saturated paint color into an earth hue.”  Thanks, Nita! Burnt Sienna–today’s happy place.

Find your happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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SUN bathing…

2014 July 11

Inspiration for Artist R.L. Gibson!INSPIRATION
or rationalization?

As I continue to sort through the imagery of my youth and the days when those I have loved were young, inspiration for “living on vacation” continues.  I am inspired to create vacation memories to share in vivid saturated color, but I am also inspired to get out of the studio & take a trip to the lake.

Is that inspiration?  Or is it rationalization for soaking up a little sun & swigging a glass-bottled cola as though I were posing for an ad?  I must admit, the fashion makes is all the more tempting.  Another happy place…

Find your happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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LIVING on vacation…

2014 July 10

Inspiration for Artist R.L. Gibson!INSPIRATION

While “Do I Know You?” is still installed at the Emporium Center, I find myself yearning for new work & COLOR.  Yes, I’ve always had the ability to transfer in color, but I find myself wanting to paint in deep saturated tones.  Consider it a vacation of the mind.  Afterall, isn’t it more your mind that needs rest & adventure than your body?

I am inspired, once again, by vintage family photographs.  As I start the creative process anew, I am going to keep my mind’s eye on vacation and what it really means.  At today’s pace, my family finds less and less time for vacation.  Hell, we often struggle to find a day off.  So maybe finding a happy place is the answer–whether your happy place is the beach, mountains, lake or a simple cowboy costume.

Go there.  And, go often.

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MERMAID on the Move…

2014 July 9

Chastity--The Mermaid by Artist R.L. Gibson!SWIM AWAY!

One of my little friends has found a new home! That’s right, one of the 4″ x 4″ monoprints of Chastity: The Mermaid from the Psychomachia series has found a new home.

If you would like have a miniature print of Chastity (or other sins/virtues) of your very own, check out The Haggus Society FB Store, then click on Haggus Society Member Wares to find more of my little friends!

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Thanks AAME!

2014 July 8

#DIKY in the PRESS

Thanks to Arts Alliance Mountain Empire for covering “Do I Know You?”, my exhibit currently up at The Balcony Gallery at The Emporium Center, home of the Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville.  Click on the screen shot to read the coverage on A! Magazine! (continues below)

See the work of Artist R.L. Gibson in A! Magazine!

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#DIKY opens

2014 July 5

Do I Know You-- Xerography by Artist R.L. GibsonDo I…


Apparently, I do…know you.  Thanks to all of you that came out to the opening of my show “Do I Know You?” at The Balcony Gallery at The Emporium Center on July 4th.

The breadth of common experience will simply take your breath away–or mine, as the case may be.  I met artists and critics.  I met those who appreciated the work and those that took issue with the unofficial tagline…

“Smile. Everybody dies.”


Do I Know You?-- Xerography by Artist R.L. GibsonConversations about life, and death, and all of the muddy stuff in the middle.  I was moved by all of the personal stories you shared and questions that you asked.

I was amazed by all of the thoughtful conversation.


I’ve opened a lot of shows, both as a gallery director and as an artist, but this one was definitely unique. I was amazed at the level of personal sharing and inquiry (vs. pseudo-academic yammering)Thank you.

Changes are on the horizon & my newest series…is already incubating.

Stay tuned!