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PSYCHOMACHIA by Artist R.L. Gibson ©2011-13


Series reinterprets the 7 deadly sins & holy virtues as circus sideshow ‘freaks’ to honor the masque form of the best & worst of humanity. The work was composed square to echo the pixel, celebrate possibility & rejects the pervasive shame of digital alteration in photography.

Quotation by artist R.L. GibsonMy work habit is to explore the physical reality of my reverence for human potential with ‘self as other’.  The Psychomachia series, challenged me to not rely on facial expression.  While every face is unique, humanity regardless of culture or language recognizes facial expression as the key to discovering the true self.  Limiting use of the face allowed me to further explore the uniqueness upon which the seven deadly sins & holy virtues expounds.” –R.L. Gibson

Series originally opened at Perihelion Arts, in Phoenix, AZ.  Click any image to view as a slideshow.  The slideshow with add’l two images (with nudity) can be viewed here.




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