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Songs of the North

Brynhild Cursed by Artist R.L. Gibson

“Brynhild Cursed” by Artist R.L. Gibson

BOOK illustrations
by Artist R.L. Gibson


Gibson was approached by author Annette E. Neumann about illustrating her upcoming book, Songs of the North Series: Short Stories inspired by history of Northern Europe.

“Because these are stories lost, I thought a minimalist, silhouetted approach with intricate patterned detail offered plenty of space for the reader to fill in the gaps of place and time that make stories feel personal.”

Gibson has finished six illustrations for the first story, “Pestilence” & one illustration for the second story “Brynhild Cursed”. The book will be published in trade-size format 6″ x 9″, but the original illustrations are 12″ x 18″. Prints may be available once the book is released.

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illustrations in slideshow format.)