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Quotation by artist R.L. GibsonAs a woman of Southern birth, I have waded through hip-deep misogyny for decades. As the child of a bigot, I have heard every entry in the racist handbook. As an artist & a performer, I have been suspected sight unseen.  The sea of red hatred & the weight of the boot atop my head has come swaddled in the syrup of ironic politeness & sweet sayings.  The vintage aesthetic of my art, the expected structure & hackneyed rhyme offer an “I see you”, if you will, with a spoonful of sugar.

My name is R.L. Gibson, I’ve spent my life in creative pursuit as a writer, performer and studio artist.  Now in my mid forties, I have a glimpse of my best self and am in hot pursuit without any surviving interest in the size of my ass or productivity of my uterus.  Catch me if you can. R.L. Gibson

Creekwood Crow

Grouse & Grackle

Last Words

Magpie Mary


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