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DAY 8: 38°

2017 September 8
"38°" (acrylic & gold leaf on 5″×7″ unstretched canvas) by R.L. Gibson

“38°” (acrylic & gold leaf on 5″×7″ unstretched canvas) by R.L. Gibson

It is Day 8 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge sponsored by painter Leslie Saeta.  My eighth offering is “38º” acrylic & silver leaf on 5″×7″ unstretched canvasAvailable for $50 in my Etsy Shop.

As a xerographist, my work tends to be, almost exclusively, representational.  The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge offers me an opportunity to revisit abstract painting as an alternate voice.  To be more precise, I need a way to voice my anger.  This work is as close as I’ve come.  Typically red is used as symbolic of anger, but red is my happy place.  Yellow, on the other hand, seems aggressive in that southern way one smiles with gritted teeth.  This piece was finished with clinched jaw.  It is a good start.

38º is eighth of a number of paintings inspired by traffic circles:  “As a frequent traveler, I am both comforted and amused by the familiar behaviors found while traversing the traffic circle.  Well-intentioned drivers lean forward to afford themselves a better view of street signs, use their right turn signal despite all options being right turns, momentarily hit the brakes not quite certain of their choice before barreling ahead often without noticing the presence or location of other drivers on the circle or having to go ’round again because they missed the mark the first time.  It is sort of a perfect metaphor for navigating life.”

Remember, this canvas is available for $50 in my Etsy Shop.

Next stop? Day Nine.



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