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DAY 26: Whir

2017 September 26
Whir (5"x5") by R.L. Gibson

Whir (5″x5″ watercolour) by R.L. Gibson

It is Day 26 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge; today’s painting is “Whir” (watercolour, 5″x5″).  Despite all the painting I’ve done this month, I started a new xerography piece centered around Columbus Circle, one of New York’s most heavily trafficked traffic circles. Virtually every image of this landmark feature one thing in common –the yellow cab.

Remember those first 15 days of acrylics?  They were studies for a new xerography series.  This could be the start, and today’s painting was inspired by that work.  I’ve been a busy bee.

As a xerographist, my work tends to be, almost exclusively, representational.  The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge offers me an opportunity to revisit abstract painting as an alternate voice. 

Today was better than yesterday. What will day 27 bring?


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