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A Good Egg.

2016 March 17
"A Good Egg: Illustrations by R.L. Gibson" opens April 6th at Hale Springs Inn in Rogersville, TN.

“A Good Egg” illustration by Artist R.L. Gibson

“Back when we grew our own food, farming was, by its very nature, organic. Today, big agriculture has us convinced that organics are hipster privilege. Cashiers struggle to identify a turnip root. Children don’t know milk comes from cows. There are nineteen ingredients in McDonald’s french fries. We are more separated from our food than ever. Daily, we consume food about which we know nothing. By choice. We want food cheap & easy even if it kills us. We will pay $5 for drive-thru coffee but not for a dozen fresh eggs. “A Good Egg” asks the metaphorical question, can we recover our connection to food? What amount of ornament, decoration or spin does it take to make real food, food again?” – R.L. Gibson

“A Good Egg” is a developing series of 23 illustrations
by Artist R.L. Gibson.


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