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Chastity: The Mermaid

2015 April 21


The image of Chastity: The Mermaid from my Psychomachia series has resonated with viewers over & over.  It was the first piece of that series to sell, and prints have been a best-sellers.  This series reinterprets the Seven Deadly Sins & the Seven Holy Virtues as sideshow “freaks” from the circuses & fairs of yesteryear–nature’s artwork, if you will.   (continues below)

Chastity the Mermaid by RL Gibson

Chastity: The Mermaid by Artist R.L. Gibson, 24″ x 24″ Xerography on Canvas

I sought to honor the sideshow freak as the masque form of the very best and very worst of humanity, regardless of individual morality.  This work is wrapped in a celebration of the possibilities of digital media & rejects the pervasive sort of embarrassment of digital alteration in photography.  The use of square canvases in Psychomachia is meant to echo the pixel of which all digital images are comprised.

The collector that purchased this piece has been kind enough over the years to loan it back to me so that it could be shown several more times after the purchase.  Due to an odd twist of fate, this piece is available for purchase again.

If you are interested in owning
Chastity: The Mermaid,
please contact me via Facebook or email.

The pieces is currently located in Gatlinburg, TN; however, I am happy to ship the work as well.


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