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2015 February 1


So many of you have asked me about my preference in colored gesso.  I have pretty standard preferences in gel medium (Liquitex) and acrylic paint (Golden).  I find that an art supply is usually popular for a reason.  But occasionally, I find favorites by accident. (continues below)

First coat of gesso, Carmine by Holbein

I’ve spent years contemplating the addition of color and texture to my xerography, but all experiments have failed to impress.  Xerography, by my method, is tricky and inflexible.  Holbein to the rescue.  Lots of the big name manufacturers offer white, black & gray gesso.  But the 22 colors offered by Holbein make my heart sing (non-affiliate link). Did I mention that the packaging helps you squeeze out every last drop and makes mixing a dream? LOVE.  Carmine is my favorite.  I’ve added my first coats of gesso in prep for transfer…then paint.

Stay tuned…

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