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2014 December 5
Cohesion Collision featuring Artist R.L. Gibson sponsored by RicRok Tattoos and The Haggus Society!

Graphic Design by Terri Lloyd of The Haggus Society

attention span

I edited my artist resume this week.  Yes, I shortened it.  My resume was so long, that even I was too bored to get to the end of it.  My solution?  Chop it off.  I took out at least HALF of the shows. I improved documentation & details (dates, websites, jurors, etc.) for the remaining shows & arts admin work.

When I read resumes from artists as a part of juried shows or the Featured Artist contest at AAAD, I find they usually contain every instance that their work has been anywhere.  It always screams at me: “I don’t think my resume is good enough, so I am going to overwhelm you with volume.”  It doesn’t work.  So, I finally took the bold step.

My work is good enough.  My experience is good enough.  So is yours.  We are all where we are based on the work we’ve done.  There is no reason to be ashamed of where you are if you’ve worked for it.  So quit apologizing, people.

Chop that resume down to size.



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