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Heart Breaker.

2014 September 24
Heart Breaker, 11"x14" Xerography on Canvas by Artist R.L. Gibson

Heart Breaker, 11″x14″ Xerography on Canvas by Artist R.L. Gibson — a part of the “Do I Know You?” series

in season

I’ve been busy testing a change in process–the addition of color and paint.  I am closing in on a new direction for the next series of work that I’m calling “Better than Figs” at the moment.

The new series
examines what it means
to really live.


The series title, Better than Figs, is from Shakespeare’s Anthony & Cleopatra:“O excellent! I love long life better than figs.”  Before diving headfirst into production, I sat down to edit the “Do I Know You?” exhibit.  It seems that Heart Breaker (pictured left) might be the best way to say goodbye to #DIKY.  Is it okay to mourn the loss of mourning?  No longer mourning puts closure or finality to the loss of my father.  I have guilt about that.  My mourning for the loss of the personality I knew as my grandmother has become acceptance.  I am grateful to at least have my memories of who she was–even if her memories don’t include me anymore.  I finally learned to just “Smile.  Because everyone dies.”

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the #DIKY opening in July,
you can see the series by visiting the Do I Know You? page.

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