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PAINTING: Abstraction

2014 July 13

Inspiration for Artist R.L. Gibson!the why & the what

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries that all say something a little like: “Why add paint?” to xerography.  Why now? What is that going to look like?

It is an evolution.  I’ve been working in black & white for SO LONG.  I love it.  I do.  I’ve always considered my work sort light-handed Pop Art, often with a dollop of Surrealism from my own photography.  But, when I appropriated family portraiture for the #DIKY series, it all began to unravel.  I have thousands of family photographs.  My family was prolific, but bizarrely enough, a lot of them don’t feel personal.  Honestly, they feel like my family posed as studies for the lifestyle advertising mock ups of the 1930s through the 1970s.  They are real people living glamorous lives without the benefit of money or extraordinary wealth.

They are just people truly LIVING.
They make me happy…


Loads of saturated color will help me share a portrait of what life can be if you are paying attention.  Color will help me express what it feels like TO LIVE.  So in the meantime, I study color theory & the techniques of abstract expressionists.  Today’s happy place–LIVING.

Find your happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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