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LIVING on vacation…

2014 July 10

Inspiration for Artist R.L. Gibson!INSPIRATION

While “Do I Know You?” is still installed at the Emporium Center, I find myself yearning for new work & COLOR.  Yes, I’ve always had the ability to transfer in color, but I find myself wanting to paint in deep saturated tones.  Consider it a vacation of the mind.  Afterall, isn’t it more your mind that needs rest & adventure than your body?

I am inspired, once again, by vintage family photographs.  As I start the creative process anew, I am going to keep my mind’s eye on vacation and what it really means.  At today’s pace, my family finds less and less time for vacation.  Hell, we often struggle to find a day off.  So maybe finding a happy place is the answer–whether your happy place is the beach, mountains, lake or a simple cowboy costume.

Go there.  And, go often.

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