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2014 July 27

Pass the Bottle by Artist R.L. GibsonWhere is EVERYTHING?

I’ve been giving lots of thought to inventory lately.  I am experimenting with changes in my media; more specifically, I am incorporating paint into what has been a solely xerography output from me for many, many years.  And, as my production increases, I find myself with the challenge of keeping track of all of it.  They are kind of my babies, and I want to know where they are going before I send them out into the world.

There are so many art inventory software systems from which to choose.  A few of them seem to have all the same flaws–they track work for shows but aren’t set up for artists that deal primarily with galleries OR they track shows/fairs and NOT galleries.

So I am curious, are any of you out there dealing with inventory issues?  Do you have room, in-studio, to store all of you work prior to shipping it to galleries?  And, once you ship, how are you tracking the work?  Do you have recommendations?  Have any of you tried eArtist, Art Tracker or GYST?  What about cloud-based Artwork Archive?

I would like to hear your thoughts.
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