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2014 July 14


I told you about my paper indulgences–art books.  I received a book in the mail that is, well, sort of priceless.  It is kind of a color by numbers without the numbers or paint kits. Abstracts in Acrylics [With Tracings] By Dani Humberstone ( 2011 ).  It comes with tracings of the artist/author’s abstract work along with step by step instructions on how to recreate her work.  This is a perfect example of my magpie ways.  I am attracted to the colorful and shiny and vibrant.  And, I don’t always pay attention to the details.  In this case, I fell in love with the color in the sample pages and had no idea what I was getting.  This will be a FANTASTIC way to to ease myself out of a future art rut.  Fun.  I have a funny feeling about this one.

Find a happy place. Go there.  And, go often.

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