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#DIKY opens

2014 July 5

Do I Know You-- Xerography by Artist R.L. GibsonDo I…


Apparently, I do…know you.  Thanks to all of you that came out to the opening of my show “Do I Know You?” at The Balcony Gallery at The Emporium Center on July 4th.

The breadth of common experience will simply take your breath away–or mine, as the case may be.  I met artists and critics.  I met those who appreciated the work and those that took issue with the unofficial tagline…

“Smile. Everybody dies.”


Do I Know You?-- Xerography by Artist R.L. GibsonConversations about life, and death, and all of the muddy stuff in the middle.  I was moved by all of the personal stories you shared and questions that you asked.

I was amazed by all of the thoughtful conversation.


I’ve opened a lot of shows, both as a gallery director and as an artist, but this one was definitely unique. I was amazed at the level of personal sharing and inquiry (vs. pseudo-academic yammering)Thank you.

Changes are on the horizon & my newest series…is already incubating.

Stay tuned!

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