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PIXELS or paper?

2014 January 22

My Fair Lady by Artist R.L. Gibson, 2008decisions

As much as I love the physical process of transferring images to canvas, the guts of my work happen as a part of DIGITAL collage.  Since the actual quality of the photograph isn’t my first concern, the photo shoots are all about capturing the content.  So, once again, the REAL STUFF happens in the collage process.  When I tripped across the Call below, I thought maybe I should mix it up occasionally and do a little hands-on collage work.  I wonder if it would alter the way I approach digital collage.  Hmmm…

This piece (above left), dubbed My Fair Lady, is one of a collection of found-object assemblage/collage pieces completed years ago at the request of a retail store in Gatlinburg.  This show (below) is a free entry and an all-hung exhibit.  Sounds like a no-risk opportunity.  Check it out, maybe this one will work for you too…

Learn more about the Collage and Mail Art show!CALL for ENTRIES:
Mail Art/Collage Art

ELIGIBILITY: All artists

MEDIA: Collage & Assemblage Art (newspaper, ribbons, papers, artwork, texts, photographs & other objects on paper/canvas) –per the call.

DEADLINE:  September 10, 2014


AWARDS:  All works will be exhibited online at http://collage– & at Tymutopiyapres in Lviv, Ukraine.

Interested? Read the Call at AAAD!

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