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LINK to LOVE: Fotoblur

2014 January 15

It’s all a BLUR…

So I have to admit that I’m a little in love with fotoblur.  While I try to remind people that I am no more a photographer than a weekend golf player is a golfer, I do TAKE photographs.  Luckily, fotoblur has a category for fine art.  (continues below)

Click to check out the Fotoblur Profile of RL Gibson!

My profile is growing by baby steps, and I appreciate the kind words from other photographers.  But more than anything, I truly enjoy the inspiration of browsing through the work of others.  I can get a little absorbed, and before I know it…hours have passed by.

It is free for a basic profile, so check it out…

Click to see the fotoblur profile of Xerographist RL Gibson!

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