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Gluttony x 2

2014 January 31

Gluttony attempt 2 by Artist R.L. Gibson…AD NAUSEUM

A couple of weeks ago, I published both the original and the final of Gluttony: The World’s Fattest Woman from the Psychomachia series.  And I appreciate the feedback I received.  Several people have asked if there were MORE gluttony images.  There are.  In fact, I finished the Gluttony piece last in the series because I just kept trying and then changing my mind.

The image at left was the second attempt–just after the circus tent piece.  If you look closely, you’ll note an apple tattoo on the right hip.  I thought it would be a subtle Adam & Eve reference providing the religious tie-in to the seven deadly sins.  But, the longer I looked at it, the more subtle it seem to become.

Gluttony attempt 3 by Artist R.L. GibsonSo, I went back to the proverbial, read ubiquitous, drawing board–enter the ACTUAL apple.  In a humorous nod to stock photography, I added a heart-shaped bite mark in the apple.  I liked this piece for about 5 minutes.   I trudged through other versions that were never edited, or even saved.

Sometimes I remind myself that while taking pretty pictures would be easier, I would never be at peace with a pretty picture.

I would never sleep
with all the ugly images
tumbling around in my head.

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