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Gluttony: Before & After

2014 January 20

Gluttony by Artist R.L. GibsonLOSING

My intent is to offer my point of view with a nod to the humorous.  I can’t help my Southern passive-aggressive upbringing.  I was taught that lessons are easier learned if you wrap them in fluff that makes them easier to swallow.  And…

It would seem that I will never be able to shake the notion.


But, I HAVE noticed a change.  The first image is Gluttony: World’s Fattest Woman, as it hung when Psychomachia opened.  The image below, was my first attempt (that has since been destroyed).

Gluttony first attempt by Artist R.L. GibsonThis circus tent version that I started with certainly had a great sense of humor, but I didn’t love it.  This piece was a turning point for me.  it was missing a religious reference, and THAT is what forced me to make a second attempt.  But as I began trying to re-conceive this piece, I realized that the real problem was that it was simply too obvious.

I’m not good at subtle,
(except by Southern standards)

but I’m getting better…

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