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For your safety…

2014 January 16

Speak No Evil by Artist R.L. Gibson!WARNING…

It HAS been a very productive day for me both creatively and organizationally.  I had a dear friend make the casual suggestion to me that maybe I should start spending a mere 15 minutes a day organizing for my big solo show in July.  I have been completely stressed out about how far behind I am.   And my reaction to panic is often paralysis.  But the 15 minute method was a perfect way to jump start action without getting overwhelmed…and I am on my way.

But during my productive day of art and the business of art, I must have forgotten to turn off the bullseye button on my back.  As most of you know, I am generally patient, tolerant and optimistic.  Today, tested my ability to remain bullet proof.  So…

In an effort to be pro-active, I am publishing this short PSA warning
of what you should NEVER SAY to an ARTIST… for your safety.

PSA fm

Please share with all of your friends!

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  1. Violet Longchamp permalink
    July 13, 2014

    I came to the exact conclusion.

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