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DARTH VADER: Lack of Faith by R.L. Gibson

2012 January 11

Image Preview: LACK of FAITH

Many of you have waited patiently to see the finished Darth Vader piece that I submitted to the Vader Helmet contest.  In my rush to get it packaged and delivered on time, I neglected to photograph it.  I know, I know.  But, here it is…

Statement for Lack of Faith:  “The pyscho-sexual political portrayal of the 1950s-esque housewife as victim then villain is not entirely different than the plot arch of Darth Vader, the ultimate cinema villain. Blurring the context of one with the other is meant to highlight the absurdity of perceiving anyone as one-dimensional.” –R.L. Gibson

Luckily, it had to be photographed for the auction.  Take a look…

Lack of Faith by R.L. Gibson!

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