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ENVY: The Midget

2011 March 28


Psychomachia, the collaborative show for Artist R.L. Gibson and Photographer Jerry Portelli is opening at Perihelion Arts in Phoenix, AZ on March 31 & April 1st…Less than 4 days away. the final canvases have been shipped from Tennessee, R.L. Gibson flies out Wednesday. Take a look at the fourth release of full images and leave a comment.

Enjoy a first glimpse of full images of
 Envy: The Midget*
from Psychomachia!

Click to learn more about the Psychomachia show from Artist R.L. Gibson and photographer Jerry Portelli!

Click to learn more about the Psychomachia show!

Stay tuned for the release of additional images!

* Please note that use of the term “midget” is intended to refer to the venacular of the time period in which sideshow freaks existed, and NOT meant in any derogatory manner.  We mean no respect to little people anywhere.

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