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LUST: The Three Legged Man REVEALED!

2010 December 10

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Thank you for all the feedback on the Psychomachia sneak previews. I really appreciate your patience on seeing the full images. 

Here’s another cropped
piece of the puzzle…Lust,
the Three Legged Man

I’ve been working on Psychomachia show for 1 1/2 years now, and we have booked the opening at Perihelion Arts on March 31st of 2011. Psychomachia is a series of fourteen pieces from myself and Arizona artist photographer Jerry Portelli

I have 14 of the images completed.

Although I still have to finish the reveals. This work reinterprets the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Holy Virtues in a series of 14 diptychs, one from me and one from artist Jerry Portelli. The aesthetic theme is the sideshow freak from the circus and fairs of yesteryear–nature’s artwork, if you will. 

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